“What I Like about Gold Ticket? Humm.. You name it, everything. Gold Ticket is definitely the most affordable system for wrecking yards in the market sofar. It’s easy to work with. Gold Ticket system is reliable, efficient, fast and best of all Gold Ticket service is excellent! Gold Ticket works all the way!!!”
Beach Auto Wrecking
Huntington Beach, CA

“I use Gold Ticket as my primary system for parts locating and sales. I am very pleased with the results. I like the fact that the Gold Ticket community is growing daily.”

Coast Auto Salvage
Lancaster, CA

“What I like best about Gold Ticket is that it is simple compared to some of the newer systems out there. Everything you need is all on one screen. I also like the fact that the Gold Ticket membership keeps growing daily.”
Wilmington Auto Wrecking
Wilmington, CA

“By using the internet, Gold Ticket has come up with a way to offer an excellent communication tool at a very reasonable rate. This same tool is eight times more expensive from the competition.”
All Truck Parts
Sun Valley, CA

“One excellent feature about Gold Ticket is that each counterperson within a yard can have his/her own private message screen for one low price. Also, because it is an internet-based communication system, I believe Gold Ticket is the wave of the future.”
Riteway Auto
Fontana, CA

“Gold Ticket has proven to have an excellent return on investment. Since I started using the Gold Ticket system I was able to reduce my advertising expenses and increase my sales. Because of it’s low price, the Gold Ticket is a MUST-HAVE at any yard.”
Apple Auto Dismantling
Wilmington, CA

“I have had an overall good experience with the Gold Ticket. I am able to communicate and sell to professional yards that are not available to me elsewhere.”
Auto Alex
Sun Valley, CA

“Gold Ticket is the best tool for the auto recycler that I have seen in years. It has increased our sales tremendously. In the future, I look forward to dealing with ALL of the California, Nevada, and Arizona yards on the Gold Ticket, because at $120 per month its value cannot be denied.”
Victor M. Del Campo
Kar King Auto
Ontario, CA 91761